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A Lifetime of Creativity

About: Bio

Ever since I can remember I knew art, design, and fashion would be the focus of not only my career but my purpose in life. When I began my career at the age of 14 working for a wardrobe stylist I knew hard work, determination, and imagination would not only be my way out of small town Alabama but my life’s work. Working in the fashion industry for over a decade has taught me so much but my unwavering values of taking pride in my work, building meaningful lasting relationships, and creating beauty no matter the circumstances has remained the same. I believe that the most impactful and meaningful artistic mediums are the ones that touch your life on a daily basis, such as fashion and interior design. Very few people are able to go to a museum on a weekly basis, but everyone wears clothing and a place to call home. The clothing you live your life in and the spaces you create lasting memories in are the real works of art in this world. The power of fashion is undeniable, and if I am able to positively impact someone's life ,even in the smallest way, through fashion or design I feel like there is no greater artistic creation than a meaningful and beautiful existence.

About: Bio
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